High-Ranking Officer and Guards Fatally Attacked in Qoryoley, Somalia

Local Commander and His Guards Meet Their End in Qoryoley, Somalia

QORYOLEY, Somalia – On Monday, the local armed forces’ head in Qoryoley, Lower Shabelle, and two bodyguards were fatally shot, insiders disclosed.

Commander Osman Ali Jiis met his demise by gunfire within the city limits, though the specifics surrounding his killing remain murky. Authorities have been tight-lipped, leaving motives cloaked in uncertainty.

This grim incident unfurls against the backdrop of persistent clan squabbles in this fertile locale, which local leaders had previously quelled through mediated truces.

Sitting 120 kilometers southwest of Mogadishu, Qoryoley fell back into Somali army hands in 2014, snatched from Al-Shabaab in an operation joined by African Union forces. Today, AU troops still linger, bolstering local security efforts and maintaining dominance.


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