Head of the organization Miss Rwanda arrested for crime

Following the Miss Fall in Senegal at the end of 2021, the Miss Rwanda pageant is in turn in the crosshairs of justice. The head of the organization, Dieudonné Ishimwe, was arrested on Tuesday, April 26, in Kigali, the capital of Rwanda. He is suspected of sexually abusing former participants in the beauty contest.

The indictment will be seized in due course, the spokesman for the Rwandan Bureau of Investigation states. Meanwhile, Dieudonné Ishimwe, head of Inspiration Back Up, the company that organized the Miss Rwanda event, is being held at Remera Police Station in Kigali. He was arrested on April 26.

According to some sources, up to seven women, former candidates for the beauty pageant, have testified to being sexually abused by this 36-year-old man, a former musician, who since 2015 owned and led the organization of the pageants in Rwanda. A very popular competition in East Africa, which crowned Nshuti Muheto in March last year.

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In February last year, Rwandan investigative journalist Samuel Baker, in a tweet, recalled “the unspoken story of Miss Rwanda.fr”: “The story is dark and many people will not believe it,” he wrote. If you have a friend who has been to start camp – as Miss Rwanda’s selection camp is called – encourage them to talk. “

The arrest of Dieudonné Ishimwe comes a few days after the resignation of its communications director, a former Miss Rwanda, Meghan Nimwiza, without it being known at this time whether there is a link to the trial in classes.

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