Government Orders Exhumation of Bodies at Bulusia School Cemetery in Mogadishu: Unearthing the Past

In Mogadishu, locals have begun digging up bodies at Bulusia School cemetery, following a mysterious government directive to clear the area.

One of the bodies unearthed belongs to popular comedian Abdi Muriidi Dheere (Ajakis), who passed away last September. His family has reburied his remains in a more secure location to avoid further disruptions.

Those taking part in the exhumation stated that the government has not explained why they were told to empty the cemetery, where a number of prominent individuals, such as the late mayor Abdirahman Omar Yarisow, are laid to rest. Yarisow was tragically killed in a 2019 Al-Shabaab attack that also claimed the lives of six government officials.

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