France Médias Monde strongly questions the decision

Despite the detailed and indirect responses of France Médias Monde to each of the complaints formulated by the High Communications Authority of Mali (HAC) against RFI and France 24 to justify, in retrospect, the closure of the two international media networks ashore Since March 17, 2022, the Malian regulator has just issued a decision that definitively deprives RFI and France 24 of their permission to broadcast in Mali, and thus the right of Malians to receive information freely.

France MédiasMonde will take all appropriate action against the decision

France Médias Monde, the parent company of RFI and France 24, strongly protests against this decision, which it considers to be unfounded and arbitrary, and announces its intention to take all possible measures. All replies duly provided by France Médias Monde to the HAC, in full compliance with Malian practices, point by point to the professionalism and independence of journalists, thus questioning any breach of the provisions cited in the formal notice. dated March 28, 2022.

Procedure error

In addition, France Médias Monde condemns a procedural error linked to the brutal, unilateral suspension on 17 March, before any formal notice and / or sanction (the formal notice from HAC is from 28 March), which legally invalidates all subsequent actions and proceedings.

Violation of equality before the law

France Médias Monde is also surprised that HAC, contrary to the principle of equal treatment of all before the law, only targeted France Médias Monde’s channels for the information they disseminated about abuses against the Malian army, while information of the same nature is disseminated by others media available in Mali, without incurring the slightest sanction, which FMM welcomed.


In addition, France Médias Monde is taking defamation measures in France and Mali, following the publication of the press release on March 16, 2022 announcing the suspension of its media, in which the Malian government compares the alleged actions of RFI and France 24. to the infamous methods and role of Radio Mille Colline “. These allegations, which refer to the fact that the radio encouraged the genocide of the Tutsis in Rwanda in 1994, in addition to being completely unfounded, are extremely serious and shocking, and undermine the integrity of RFI and France 24 as well. team safety.

These accusations are all the more unbearable for the media, which, because they have simply done their job of informing as close to the field and the population as possible by covering issues of peace and reconciliation, have lost two reporters, first kidnapped and then cowardly murdered by jihadists in Kidal, northern Mali, in November 2013.

Independence and freedom to inform

France Médias Monde takes note of the decision taken by the HAC while taking all possible steps to assert its rights, and France Médias Monde will continue its mission to inform and will continue to cover the news about Mali, which interests the whole of Africa as well. like the rest of the country. the world, and in particular the Malian community in France. In Mali, all technical solutions will be distributed to make RFI and France 24 available to Malians who want to continue to follow free expert information that is open to the world. France Médias Monde recalls its independence from political and economic powers, which is embodied both in its method of financing and in the method of appointing its leaders.

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