Four Construction Workers Tragically Killed Near Kenyan-Somali Border

Gunmen in northern Kenya brutally shot four builders at a hospital construction site. The site is near a refugee encampment and the Somalia border, a region swarming with militants, police reported Saturday.

On Friday, while eight workers were taking a breather, attackers ambushed them, fatally shooting four at point-blank range, according to a police officer who remained anonymous due to the delicate nature of the situation, confirmed to The Associated Press. The remaining four workers managed to flee without injury.

The hospital project is in close proximity to Kenya’s sprawling refugee camp, Dadaab, and within range of the Somalia border, where the al-Shabab extremist group reigns. Garissa county has previously been assaulted by these militants, notorious for slipping through the easily breached border.

Local law enforcement thinks the strike on Friday may have been orchestrated by an armed faction that had earlier warned the contractor to steer clear of their claimed territory.

Violence has flared up in northern Kenya lately, resulting in numerous fatalities at various locations.

On Wednesday, border police in Mandera discovered a makeshift bomb on the verge of exploding. Last week, armed men killed two herders at a local watering hole in Mandera. And in April, a donkey cart explosion in Elwak town claimed five lives.

The government says it’s ramping up security measures in northern Kenya.

The spate of recent attacks has led the government to put on hold its plans to reopen the 698-kilometer (434-mile) Kenya-Somalia border, which has been shut since 2011, though illegal crossings continue unabated.

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