Former President Pierre Buyoya Condemns “Political Trial”

Sentenced in absentia in his country Burundi to life imprisonment The murder of his predecessor Melchior Ndadaye in 1993 during a coup, former Burundian President Pierre Buyoya spoke this Friday 23. October in Bamako at a press conference. The current High Representative of the African Union for Mali and the Sahel, he rejects this condemnation and announces that he will lodge an appeal, especially in his country.

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as reported from Bamako, Serge Daniel

Before the press, Pierre Buyoya, former President of Burundi and current High Representative of the African Union for Mali and the Sahel, spoke without anger but with determination.

He estimates it his recent convictions in his country in the absence of life imprisonment for the murder of his predecessor as head of state Melchior Ndadaye is the result of a political lawsuit.

“This is a political trial that is being conducted in a scandalous manner in violation of all the rules of rights,” said Pierre Buyoya, announcing he will appeal. “We decide to appeal to the Burundian courts and, when the time comes, to external courts.”

More than 20 other people, including some of his relatives, were also convicted for the same reasons during the trial.

Author of the past of two coups in Burundi, Pierre Buyoya, also confirmed during the press conference that he will evoke this sentence with African Union authorities, which he represents here and in the Sahel. Some people wonder: can he or can not continue his mission?


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