Female music artist from Somaliland embarks on hunger strike while in custody at Hargeisa police station

In Hargeisa, Ugbaad Aragsan was arrested and started a hunger strike since her family visits were denied by the police.

Sources revealed that Ugbaad is currently in custody at the main police station in Hargeisa.

Despite repeated pleas from her family, they have been unable to visit her, leading her to go on a hunger strike.

Although no formal charges have been filed, the Somaliland police accused Ugbaad of spreading content deemed inappropriate on social media.

Ugbaad, a promising singer, often uses her music to express her political beliefs. Her recent song criticized the Somaliland-Ethiopian agreement.

Before her arrest, she was set to perform in Hargeisa but the show was canceled by the authorities, sparking outrage on social media.

There is growing concern among activists about the shrinking civil liberties and crackdown on freedom of speech in Somaliland.

Many people, including journalist Mohamed Abdi Ilig, have fled the region due to pressure from the authorities after being detained for speaking out on social media.

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