Ethiopian Migrants Deserted in Remote Kenyan Wilderness by Traffickers

Reports from local media in Kenya indicate that authorities have detained 24 Ethiopians who were abandoned in a remote bush in Isiolo county in the north-east. These individuals sought refuge at a nearby police station in the Merti area after being deserted by their suspected traffickers over the weekend.

The culprits, who remain unidentified, were trying to evade detection at checkpoints along the Isiolo-Nairobi highway. According to the immigrants, their ultimate destination was South Africa, having crossed the border from Ethiopia into Kenya.

Currently, the foreign nationals are under police supervision while awaiting legal proceedings for their unauthorized presence in the country. Authorities have confirmed that efforts are underway to apprehend the traffickers responsible for this incident.

It is a common occurrence for Ethiopian migrants to pass through Kenya on their journey to South Africa, utilizing the country as a transit point.

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