Ethiopian Delegate Departs from Role as Ambassador in United States

During the Adwa Victory Celebration in Washington DC, Ethiopian Ambassador to the United States, Seleshi Bekele, announced his resignation, a surprising move for Ethiopian Ambassadors.

The Reporter, a local news source, confirmed that his resignation application has been approved, although it is not clear when he submitted his letter of resignation. The reason for his sudden departure after almost two years in office remains a mystery.

In 2022, Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed removed Seleshi Bekele from his position as Minister for Irrigation and Water Resources, citing undisclosed reasons. Speculations suggest that his removal may have been due to growing popularity and potential threats perceived by the ruling party.

It is rumored that Seleshi Bekele plans to resume his engineering career outside of the government. Before joining the government, he worked for the United Nations and was instrumental in negotiating the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam.

There is uncertainty surrounding his future role in the negotiations related to the GERD now that he has announced his resignation. Lencho Bati, a politician with a strong background in ethnic Oromo nationalism, is expected to replace him as the new Ambassador to the United States.

Ambassador Seleshi Bekele has not commented on his resignation yet, but the transition of power is underway. It remains to be seen how his departure will impact Ethiopia’s diplomatic relations with the United States.

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