environmental activist Raleva again faces justice

In Madagascar, civil society is sounding the alarm. Environmental activist Raleva is due to appear this Friday, October 2, for the public prosecution of Mananjary, a town located on the island’s east coast. The man took part in a demonstration by local people on September 1 to protest against gold mining in a Chinese company. Environmental associations are concerned about the possible consequences of this call.

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Environmental activist Raleva is summoned to Friday, October 2, by the National Gendarmerie with three other people. Present during the September 1 demonstration by local people, he called for an end to the activities of the Chinese company Mac Lai Sime Gianna (MLSG), which has been extracting gold since 2013.

The man accuses the company of destroying natural resources due to its extraction activity. Civil society will warn about this call as it is not the first time the activist is concerned

Three years ago, the organizations recall in a statement that Raleva had been detained and sentenced to two years in prison for daring to ask to see the official papers authorizing the Chinese company to resume its gold mining operations. Operation previously stopped by the leader of the region in Vohilava municipality. Raleva was then recognized as a prisoner of conscience by Amnesty Internationall and released after 23 days detention.


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