Enhancing Defense Cooperation: Somalia Deepens Strategic Partnership with Turkey

Somalia and Turkey are strengthening military ties to enhance security and stability. Minister Abdulkadir Mohamed Nur met his Turkish counterpart Yaşar Güler to discuss close cooperation between the two countries. The defense pact signed earlier this year shows Turkey’s commitment to investing in Somalia’s security forces. The GorGor elite troops have been trained and equipped by Turkey to fight against the Al-Shabab militants. The GorGor troops have been instrumental in eliminating Al-Shabab threats in Somalia. The EFES-2024 exercise will provide insight into Turkey’s defense industry capabilities. Turkish warships will patrol Somali waters to enhance security after a Memorandum of Understanding with North Western of Somalia. Somalia aims to defeat Al-Shabaab militants by 2024 with increased training for elite troops. The African Union Transition Mission in Somalia is expected to end its mandate this year. Somali-Turkish military cooperation is crucial for long-term security efforts.

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