Empowering Unity: Strengthening Peace in Border Communities between Kenya and Somalia

A non-profit organization, Woman kind Kenya, alongside partners, is working on a project to boost peace, stability, and economic growth in the border regions of Kenya and Somalia.

During a workshop in Hulugho town at the border, Woman kind Kenya director Abdullahi Mohamed stated that they are implementing the Sustainable Cross Border Peace, Security, and Conflict Transformation Project for a year.

Mr. Mohamed mentioned that the main aim is to improve peace and resolve conflicts among communities in Hulugho, Bodhai, and Kolbio along the border.

He emphasized the importance of strengthening relationships between cross-border communities, enhancing community peace-building structures, and empowering vulnerable groups to resist extremism.

The project involves various stakeholders, such as CSOs/NGOs, security forces, and local governments in both countries.

Beneficiaries will include women, men, youth, vulnerable groups, religious leaders, and community influencers.

Implementation strategies will focus on establishing local structures, engaging stakeholders, raising awareness, facilitating dialogues, and supporting youth peace groups.

The program will target counties near the Kenya-Somali border in Northern Kenya and part of Upper Eastern.

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