Empowering Somalia’s Workforce on International Workers’ Day

International Workers’ Day: United Front for Somalia’s Workforce

In Mogadishu, Somalia, on International Labor Day, FESTU and its unions unite to voice Somali workers’ aspirations and demands. Globally, they support workers’ progress and resilience, advocating for social justice, fair wages, and safe work environments in Somalia.

They urge Somalia to take action on the Decent Work Country Programme signed in 2023. Addressing underemployment, implementing the National Employment Policy, and creating job opportunities are crucial for economic stability.

The future holds a commitment to social justice for economic growth and improved living standards. Advocacy for stronger labor markets, enhanced vocational training, and microfinance access is key for Somalia’s economic advancement.

The call for direct polls gains traction as the Federation of Somali Trade Unions supports democratizing the electoral process. Transitioning to direct elections will ensure accountability, transparency, and citizen participation in choosing leaders.

A legislative framework is needed urgently for direct elections to eliminate malpractice and enhance public trust. Civic education initiatives are crucial to empower citizens in shaping governance.

On International Workers’ Day, unity is key for Somalia’s workforce.

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