Empowered Female Entrepreneurs in Hobyo Thrive with Fish Sales

In Puntland, Somali women challenge the male-dominated fishing world through hard work and determination.

Hakimo Farah Abdullahi, with her husband and nine children, moved from a displacement camp to a rental house in Hobyo town after starting her own fish-selling business.

Her small stall, opened in January, now brings in $10-15 in profit daily, lifting them out of poverty.

Previously struggling to feed her family, Hakimo now feels grateful for the success of her hard work.

She was one of 30 impoverished women trained and equipped to start businesses in Hobyo, Mudug.

With two fridges, cooking equipment, and a $500 loan, Hakimo advanced her business.

Severe drought forced Hakimo and her family to leave their rural village in 2017, leading to their relocation to Hobyo.

Without their livestock to rely on, Hakimo became the family’s primary provider through her business.

Her husband fishes while her children help at the stall, where she plans to expand by selling clothes and food.

She has also enrolled five of her children in school, paying $25 for their education.

After two months of training in business management, Hakimo saves part of her income for the future.

Maryan Muhidin Yalahow, another beneficiary, sells cooked fish from her small restaurant, supporting her nine children.

She fetches fish from the shore to cook and sell, providing for her family’s needs including education and bills.

Formerly a beggar, Maryan now thrives as a successful businesswoman taking care of her family.

Displaced in 2021 due to drought, she relishes her success and dreams of building her own house.

Hobyo’s deputy commissioner credits the project, funded by Galmudug Ministry of Ports and Fisheries, for uplifting vulnerable women in IDP camps.

The women have formed an association and receive training at a center to run successful businesses.

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