Elections in Kenya: in Lamu, the difficulty of entry to

On August 9, Kenyans can be known as to the polls to elect their new president. How are they approaching this deadline? What conclusions do they draw from Uhuru Kenyatta’s two phrases and what do they anticipate from his successor? Let’s go to Lamu County: As with any election, the difficulty of entry to land is considered one of the election points on this coastal area. Recently, hundreds of Kenyans have acquired deeds there. It was a promise from the outgoing president. But there are those that stay.

Lidya Wangare Thuo welcomes us to her stitching workshop within the central alley of the city of Mpeketoni. Everyone is smiling, she exhibits us the deed that she simply acquired after ten years of steps to realize it.”Thanks to this deed, I really feel like a totally different particular person. For now this land is actually mine. I can resolve to construct there and begin a challenge that would deliver me cash. And change my life. And then additionally it is a legacy that I can move on to my kids”, she confides to us.

Lydia is not fooled by the calendar. These titles, promised since 2013, were issued just weeks before the presidential election, accompanied by a ceremony with great pomp. However, she readily admits that it will affect her voice: “Of course, it is regular when a supervisor does one thing good for you, you must do the identical in return.”

But there are those who remain. Lucie Wa Moyo Ndegwa owns a shop attached to her small one-room apartment. The roof is leaking, the walls are crumbling. But without a deed, she feels stuck: “I really feel like a stranger right here. I can not do any work to furnish my house, as a result of and not using a deed I can not take out a mortgage. And then with the election, you by no means know who can be elected, so I’m all the time afraid they’re going to resolve to kick us out so long as I do not have a doc.

Kenneth Mwaita coordinates the National Land Commission within the county. He responds to the criticism with an attraction for endurance: “We have not finished issuing the title deed. It’s a process and we work on it every day. This process continues, it does not stop with the titles that have just been released.

This process is all the more important as the pressure on land in recent years has increased in Lamu County following the construction of the new deep water port. Along the way, many residents regret having been robbed, as Khuzema tells: “I’m the one who lives on this plot. They gave another person a title and I can not even go to courtroom as a result of these folks have cash. Before there was the port, nobody needed to come back and settle within the area, however now that the challenge is seeing the sunshine of day, our lands are being grabbed.”

His plot is located within the Hindi locality, very near the brand new harbour. The worth of land there has elevated sixfold in recent times.

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