Earthquakes of medium magnitude hit the Sanaag area

Mogadishu  – A magnitude 4.6 earthquake shook a small village 170 km north of Erigabo, the capital and largest metropolis within the Sanaag area of Somaliland, on Monday afternoon.

According to Volcano Discovery, the earthquake reached as deep as 10 km, however the earthquake of reasonable magnitude didn’t trigger injury to buildings within the village.

The earthquake’s estimated power was 139 megawatts, which is corresponding to 120 tons of TNT.

Most earthquakes in Somaliland happen within the Borama metropolis of the Awdal area, the place one in all the mountains round the town shakes on occasion, even though it doesn’t trigger a lot injury.

Similarly, an earthquake that didn’t trigger injury was felt in Hargeisa, Gabiley and Wajale on August 3, 2021, however folks reported feeling small tremors.

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