Djibouti Deports China-Criticizing MP, Foreign Office Launches Investigation

The Foreign Office is investigating after a critical MP was deported from Djibouti. Conservative former minister Tim Loughton, a strong opponent of Beijing, was detained and forced onto a flight out of the African nation due to its ties with China. Mr. Loughton, part of a group of UK MPs sanctioned by China, faced scrutiny at Djibouti’s passport control on his way back from Somaliland.

The Prime Minister’s spokesman stated that the FCDO provided consular support to Mr. Loughton and raised the issue with Djiboutian authorities. While countries have the right to deny entry at their discretion, the FCDO is seeking more details on this incident.

Mr. Loughton, who had recently visited Somaliland where China is seen as a threat, tried to enter Djibouti for a brief meeting with the ambassador before heading back to London. However, immigration officials gave him strange looks and turned cold when they learned he was an MP.

Djibouti, considered a puppet state of China, may have felt uncomfortable hosting a sanctioned critic of China. A Chinese embassy spokesperson denied the allegations, and the embassy has not commented further.

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