Desperate Somali Doctor Begs for Aid in Heart-Wrenching Viral Plea Amid Libyan Trafficker Torture

In a gripping, one-minute-and-thirty-seven-second clip, Dr. Mahad reveals his nightmare: “I’m a Somali lad stuck in Libya for five months now. They’re torturing and beating me, broke my hand, and zapped me with electricity. My family’s broke, they can’t pay the $15,000 ransom. For Somali solidarity’s sake, I beg for your help to escape this hellhole.”

The video has ignited a social media push to gather funds and amplify awareness for his release.

Dr. Mahad, an obstetrician and gynecologist, hails from a dirt-poor rural area in Beledweyne. His mate, Yahye Suudi Nageeye, shares that Dr. Mahad’s mom kicked the bucket a year ago, leaving him as the eldest caretaker for eight siblings. Chasing his dreams, Dr. Mahad studied medicine in Mogadishu, volunteering in hospitals before officially joining the Somali Doctors Association.

Yahye recounts Dr. Mahad’s abrupt departure. “We played soccer the night before he split. Next morning, he tells me he’s off to Ethiopia for three days, all arranged the night before,” Yahye recalls. After a brief stint in Ethiopia, Dr. Mahad contacted Yahye from Libya, disclosing that traffickers had nabbed him. That was their last chat.

In response to the video, a movement on social media has sprung up to secure funds for Dr. Mahad’s release. Many young Somali men and women, driven by crushing poverty and joblessness, embark on perilous journeys for a better life. Sadly, many end up in the clutches of traffickers, facing brutal ordeals.

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