Desperate Search: Kenya Flood Victims Scour for Missing Relatives Amid Mandatory Evacuation

Perched on the remains of her parents’ abode, Nancy Wanjiku witnessed the devastating aftermath of nature’s wrath.

President William Ruto urged Kenyans in flood-prone areas to evacuate as more heavy rain looms, emphasizing the imminent danger.

The ongoing rainy season has proven deadly, claiming at least 170 lives, with Mai Mahiu disaster being the worst hit as homes were obliterated.

Survivors like Nancy Wanjiku, with tears in their eyes, mourned the loss of loved ones while sifting through the debris of what used to be their sanctuary.

Rescue workers and volunteers scoured the riverside, hoping to find missing bodies buried under piles of rubble and decimated homes.

The heart-wrenching stories of loss and destruction continued to unfold as families recounted their harrowing experiences during the catastrophic flash floods.

President Ruto promised aid and assistance to those affected, pledging to relocate them away from high-risk areas to prevent future calamities.

As the cleanup efforts continued, the reality of the tragedy slowly sank in, leaving communities devastated and in dire need of support.

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