Demonstration in Kinshasa against the deployment of a force

The force, decided by East African heads of state, will be deployed in the eastern Democratic Republic of Congo following the recent clashes between the FARDC and the M23.

as reported from Kinshasa, Pascal Mulegwa

Several thousand people demonstrated in Kinshasa on Saturday to support the armed forces fighting the rebels of M23, accused of having the support of Rwanda. The march was organized by opposing Congolese civic movements the forthcoming deployment of a regional force, decided by the Heads of State of East Africa. “We say that there is no question of deploying this force in Congo. We think it will create a lot of confusion. We have to stop this deal, said opponent Martin Fayulu.

The men will be under Kenyan command. DRC do not want Rwandan troops in this force. And for some, like Mr. Fayulu, the problem is not only the troops, but also the Democratic Republic of Congo’s membership in the East African Community (EAC). “This case is to Balkanize Congo. We never had a feeling of hatred for anyone. Congo is under attack. The problem today is Mr Kagame’s hegemony,” according to the opponent.

Support for FARDC “We must consolidate Central Africa and consolidate Africa as a whole,” said Martin Fayulu, who believes “Congo is being sabotaged today.” “And the Congolese say to me that there is no doubt that we are part of this community. The Congolese people woke up as a man and as we say ‘as a Congo’.

The rally is also an opportunity to confirm their support for the Congolese army. “We are united in defending our country’s territorial integrity to stand behind our FARDC. Through our spirit, through our prayers, we say they will win,” he concluded.

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