deaf discussion about el-Fashaga, continually

The El-Fashaga triangle region is claimed by both countries. The demarcation has never been clear, and for several months there has been regular violence. On Monday, Sudan accused Ethiopian militias of killing civilians. According to Sudanese media, the number of deaths would have increased to 7 dead.

as reported from Nairobi, Sébastien Németh

The pressure continues to climb between Sudan and Ethiopia. On Wednesday, Khartoum condemned the violation of its airspace after an Ethiopian military plane flew over the area. The Sudanese government speaks of a “dangerous and unjustified escalation”. The Foreign Ministry demanded “that this not happen again given the implications for bilateral relations and the stability of the region”.

While several sources speak of military reinforcements arriving from both sides, Sudan is showing its muscle with the arrival yesterday morning in the area of ​​the Chief of Staff and several senior officers in the army.

At the same time, Khartoum is seeking diplomatic support. On Tuesday, for example. A delegation to Amdjarass, Chad, to meet with President Idriss Déby. The authorities also plan to gather foreign diplomats to lodge their case.

After declaring that its patience was limited, Ethiopia, for its part, preferred to soften its position. On Tuesday, Addis Ababa said it wanted to find an amicable settlement and called for the reactivation of a special joint committee. An entity included in a bilateral agreement of 1972. Ethiopian diplomacy requests the use of this text, which at the time contained a new process to delimit the boundary.

Sudan refuses to do so, saying it was only necessary to apply technical assessments made ten years ago and start demarcating the border now. In short, it is currently the dialogue of the deaf between the two neighbors.


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