Criticism Mounts Against Somalia Disaster Relief Agency for Sandbag Placement in Flood-Prone Regions

Somalia’s relief organization under fire for sandbag placement near flood-prone regions

In Doolow, Somalia, the Somalia Disaster Management Agency (SoDMA) and its commissioner, Mohamud Moallim, are receiving criticism on social media for strategically placing sandbags in the areas near the Jubba and Dawo rivers.

While the purpose of the sandbags was to prevent potential flash floods, the move has been met with disapproval from the public, who view it as disrespectful and irresponsible.

Experts predict heavy rainfall in southern Somalia soon, raising concerns about flash floods that could devastate residents near the rivers. This has led to calls for urgent evacuation from these high-risk areas.

Even though the SoDMA has been actively distributing sandbags in flood-prone zones, the specific location of these sandbags near the rivers has stirred controversy among the public.

Detractors argue that this measure is inadequate and may create a false sense of security, delaying necessary evacuations. They also criticize SoDMA for its reactive, rather than proactive, approach to disaster management.

This situation sheds light on broader issues with Somalia’s disaster management system, which has struggled to respond to climate-induced crises like floods and droughts that have displaced millions and worsened food insecurity.

Some believe that the focus on short-term solutions like sandbags distracts from the necessity of long-term strategies to tackle the underlying causes of these crises.

Commissioner Moallim and the SoDMA are yet to address the concerns raised, emphasizing the challenges faced by Somalia’s disaster management efforts and the demand for greater transparency and accountability within the agency’s operations.

Reported by AXADLETM

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