Conquer Challenges and Embrace Growth: The Journey of a Strong Leader as they Rise, Overcome, and Thrive

On the 13th of March 2024, in the village of Daaro-Ugaas in the heart of Halgan District, a grand ceremony was held to honor the 21st leader of the Xawaadle clan: Ugaas Yuusuf Ugaas Xasan Ugaas Khaliif Ugaas Rooble.

If I may express my opinion, the titles for the chiefs should vary based on their roles and responsibilities within the community, rather than just their names, such as Ugaas, Suldaan, Garaad, Wabber, Malaaq, and so forth.

It is essential to undertake extensive and thorough research to produce a relevant and valuable study that can contribute significantly to the understanding of the subject matter. Personally, my knowledge of cultural heritage is solid, but I am not keen on preparing lengthy and elaborate documents full of congratulatory messages and requests.

According to recent historical records, a significant transformation occurred in the ancestral leadership of the Xawaadle clan over the past 133 years (1891-2024) as five Ugaas leaders succeeded one another, alternating between father and son.

The roles and responsibilities of the Ugaaska are of utmost importance in preserving and reflecting the highest level of cultural heritage among the clans, particularly in maintaining the rich history and tradition of the Somali people.

Proper recognition and respect should be given to the achievements and reputation of the Ugaaska and the community in order to ensure a positive impact and prevent any negative consequences that may arise.

The Ugaaska’s duties include overseeing the cultural preservation of the community, maintaining honor and integrity, and addressing critical issues when necessary.

It is crucial not to ignore the complexities and challenges faced by the country over the years, which have had a profound impact on the Somali society, particularly in the region of Hiiraan, where the following thought-provoking words are widely acknowledged:

“The country is facing
a critical juncture
with conflicting interests
causing confusion
Government in transition
and fundamental values neglected
individual rights violated
inquiry has begun
with uncertainty looming
about the outcome
of our collective actions.”

Words of Wisdom for Ugaas Yuusuf:
First and foremost, I pray that the Almighty guides you, protects you from harm, and grants you the wisdom to lead the country and its people wisely.

I believe that the responsibilities bestowed upon you require considerable effort and attention to detail to ensure the effective implementation of the outlined objectives.

Efforts should be directed towards achieving the following goals:
1) Facilitating consensus among the various communities in the region to address existing challenges.
2) Promoting peace, unity, and understanding among the people in the region.
3) Embracing diversity to foster harmony and cooperation.
4) Implementing programs aimed at promoting community well-being.
5) Advocating for respectful dialogue and conflict resolution strategies.
6) Ensuring community engagement and collaboration in decision-making processes.

In conclusion, the ultimate goal should be to promote understanding, tolerance, and unity among the people in the region of Hiiraan, fostering a peaceful and prosperous community for all residents.

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