Confiscated: Somalia’s Twin Barrels Bound for Al-Shabaab Strongholds

In Somalia, elite troops from the Somali National Army seized numerous fuel barrels meant for Al-Shabaab strongholds in central Somalia. Militants obtained the fuel from unidentified merchants and were transporting it to El Dheer District. The fuel could potentially be used in creating Explosive Devices. Military officials confiscated over 50 barrels from the militants with the assistance of government loyal militias. Operations have been ongoing in central Somalia, with the government deploying SNA officials and receiving support from local militias, the African Union Transition Mission in Somalia, and the US Africa Command. Recently, a senior Al-Shabaab member surrendered in Harardhere District, a significant success against the group controlling rural Somalia. Sidow Ali Ibrahim, a former group leader in the Mudug region, has now surrendered and agreed to participate in the government’s rehabilitation program. The first phase of operations targeting Al-Shabaab in Galmudug and Hirshabelle states resulted in the deaths of over 3,000 militants.

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