Combatting Climate Crisis: Mohamed Okash’s Mission in Somalia

Somalia faces various obstacles, including climate change, affecting security and humanitarian efforts. There’s a growing understanding among Somalis that more needs to be done, and Mohamed Okash is among those leading the way.

Born in Mogadishu in 1992, Okash pursued education amidst civil unrest. He obtained a Diploma in Education and then a bachelor’s degree in public administration and a master’s in development studies. His educational pursuits have always been aimed at improving community life.

Okash co-founded Rays Initiative, a non-governmental organization focused on sustainable development in Somali communities. He was selected for international leadership programs like YELP and GCFP, recognizing his dedication to making a difference in conflict-affected nations.

As a senior lecturer at SIMAD University, Okash mentored students and led innovation projects. However, the looming threat of climate change in Somalia prompted him to establish ICE in 2023. ICE focuses on research to create policies enhancing climate resilience.

Collaboration with various partners, including the UN, has been essential for ICE’s success. Okash believes that by working together, they can drive positive change and build resilience against environmental challenges in Somalia. The focus is on capacity development, raising awareness, and informing policy-making.

The UN in Somalia is actively supporting climate adaptation efforts, recognizing the importance of climate security for the country’s development. Okash’s dedication to pioneering sustainable initiatives highlights the importance of climate action for the future of Somalia.

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