Cape Verde and Tunisia are spinning in quarters

In Group A and B, respectively, Cape Verde and Tunisia qualified directly for the quarter-finals. Rwanda, Angola, Guinea and Egypt have to go through a qualifying match.

In Group A, the equation was simple: you had to win this third group match to hope to win the first qualifying spot for the quarterfinals. Hostland and first in the group before the final match, Rwanda had their fate in their hands, but it was ultimately the Cape Verdean players who created the surprise by snatching first place in favor of a better points difference after their 82 victory. 74 against the Rwandans.

For the Democratic Republic of Congo, it is disillusionment. The Congolese needed a win to stay in the top three, but Angola, who had already suffered two defeats in as many matches, were back on the wall and had no choice but to win to stay in the competition. The many African champions woke up at the right time and defeated DRK (73-58) who are fourth in the group and were eliminated due to a worse points difference.

Tunisian faultless In Group B, Tunisia was assured of first place in the group even before playing its last match. But the Tunisians, led by a very good Makram Ben Romdhane, did the job by easily taking a third victory 68 to 51 against the Central African Republic who took the door to this Afrobasket 2021 without winning the slightest success.

Today’s good operation, however, was performed by Guinea who absolutely must win to take a third place also with a qualifying match. Against Egypt, the task was difficult, but the Guineans accepted the challenge brilliantly by winning 86 to 78.

Cape Verde and Tunisia will now be able to afford a short break as their next quarter-final match will not take place until Wednesday 1 September. Until then, Rwanda will face Guinea on Monday, August 30, to try to secure its ticket to the neighborhood, while Egypt will challenge Angola.


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