Bobi Wine files a complaint against the state

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The singer’s lawyers are asking the High Court of Justice in Kampala on Thursday to demand his release. President Yoweri Museveni’s main rival is still stranded at home, a week after the presidential election, the results of which he rejects. It’s a new legal battle threatening him.

A struggle to get out of his home, that is what is at stake in this hearing at the High Court of Justice in Kampala. Bobi Wine’s attorneys are requesting that their client be summoned promptly by the judge, who will need to verify the reasons why he is under surveillance and possibly pronounce his final release or on bail.

To this end, lawyers invoke the protection of a “habeus corpus”, a legal term reminiscent of a fundamental freedom: not to be imprisoned without trial or valid reason. Because officially Bobi Wine is not under house arrest. This is why his followers have a hard time understanding why soldiers are encamped in front of his home and why he is deprived of any visit.

The action of his lawyers is precisely to force the authorities to explain the benefits of this monitoring. For Ugandan police spokesman Fred Enanga, this is pre-trial detention as Bobi Wine risks disrupting public order by potentially galvanizing his supporters to overthrow the president’s results.

But Bobi Wine’s entourage accuses the authorities of maintaining the blockade to prevent him from going to the Constitutional Court to lodge an appeal. against the results of the presidential election. The deadline is Monday. For NGO Amnesty International, there is no doubt that the detention of Bobi Wine is politically motivated and the NGO is calling for his release.


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