artwork remedy to deal with Covid-19 trauma

The National Order of Psychologists of Madagascar organized on Wednesday, April 27, its third worldwide congress on the follow of psychology on the island. A follow today primarily centered on managing and overcoming the trauma induced by the Covid-19 epidemic. On this event, the artwork remedy methodology was highlighted specifically. Explanations.

as reported from Antananarivo, Sarah Tetaud

On the massive island, Covid-19 is turning into “the past” for the vast majority of residents. But it psychological issues induced by the pandemic is way from having disappeared from the session rooms, explains Koloina Andrianilaina, medical psychologist and chair of the National Order of Psychologists of Madagascar:

“The worst thing about Covid is over. But we are still in the post-covid period where we meet many patients with a lot of concern about the disease, for the relatives who have been affected by the disease or the successive losses of the members of their family. It is really cases that we encounter a lot in the session.

Despite its 28 million inhabitants, the country still has only 41 psychologists and about thirty psychiatrists. Too little for the needs of the population. Faliavo Ramasiarisolo, psychologist, demonstrated during his thesis the effectiveness of art therapyespecially by painting, on severe depressive illness. She encourages people with pain, who can not consult a specialist, to practice art therapy at home:

“What I counsel you is to take a while for your self, both alone or along with your household. When you stand in entrance of your white sheets, let go of your emotions, draw what you are feeling, for the second T, don’t search the superb, don’t search perfection. You can use the colours that converse to you, the objective is to precise our buried emotions, our oppression, our unconscious, to attempt to share our discomfort in order that we will free ourselves from it.

Dance, paint, write, so many totally different methods to precise and channel the feelings that transcend the affected person. An various that might require consciousness and training for it to be deployed throughout the island. In the absence of specialists and lack of funds, many right here additionally flip to the “spiritual treatments” provided massively by the brand new church buildings.

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