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A note from the Department of Transportation and Tourism prohibits bus taxis that provide connections between cities across the Big Island in transporting certain goods on their roofs: motorcycles, furniture, tires, building materials. Drivers are concerned about a significant shortage.

as reported from Antananarivo, Like Laetitia

At Fasan’ny Karana bus station, dozens of dock workers are busy loading bus taxis to departures south of the Big Island. Sofas, tires or even metal bars are stored on many Sprinter racks, small 22-person vans.

The ministry’s decision cannot be applied, explains Raymond, one of the drivers preparing for a trip to Fianarantsoa, ​​400 km from Antananarivo: “Without the transport of these goods, the drivers have no pay! Most of the travel expenses of travelers are given to the head of the bus taxi company. There is no longer any reason for me to do this work if I can no longer move these items. ”

The contact indicates the Land Transport Agency that this decision was taken after observation of several traffic accidents due to congestion of vehicles. An argument that the bus taxi driver does not fully accept: “Accidents are also caused by the roads in very poor condition. It is not only the fault of our drivers and the goods we transport. ”

If the authorities want to apply such a regulation, it must be accompanied by an increase in prices, assesses the Jérôme office manager for one of the station’s transport companies: “I agree that we must avoid accidents, but this decision is not very fair. We, drivers and carriers, ask the ministry to increase passenger costs to compensate for the loss of freight transport. Passenger prices are not profitable for us. ”

Despite the sanctions imposed: in particular, the withdrawal of the driving license, many drivers at this bus station decided to take the risk of driving with goods prohibited in the Ministry note. They ask him to reconsider his decision.


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