Amplifying Rafah: One Powerful Image Captivates Millions on Social Media

The visual showcases a collection of tents, artistically arranged to spell out “All Eyes on Rafah.” This image has been circulated over 50 million times.

A singular, not-quite-authentic picture has sparked a sensational campaign on Instagram, grabbing the algorithm’s attention and captivating minds worldwide. It’s a powerful statement for the Palestinian cause amid the ongoing Israel-Hamas conflict, now stretching into its eighth month.

Created by an Instagram user from Malaysia, this AI-crafted image has gone viral, amplifying a message about Rafah following devastating Israeli airstrikes that killed at least 37 people in a camp for displaced Palestinians. Global outrage ensued, propelling the phrase into the spotlight of online conversation.

Palestinian-American activist Noura Erakat sees this as a visceral reaction to what she describes as the failure of international systems.

“There wasn’t a coordinated effort. It was pure anguish, collective frustration—a worldwide denouncement in place of ineffective international action against Israel,” says Erakat, an Africana studies associate professor at Rutgers University.

‘All Eyes on Rafah’ has been deployed before to concentrate attention on Israel’s military actions and hold them to account, says Erakat.

“Being vigilant means scrutinizing Israeli actions closely, ensuring they’re held accountable,” she emphasizes, reflecting on the phrase’s significance.


Numerous social media movements have arisen during the Israel-Hamas war. People participate for myriad reasons, spreading messages and showing solidarity.

“Joining the ‘All Eyes on Rafah’ campaign allows people to support and amplify awareness about Israel’s actions,” notes social media consultant Matt Navarra. “It’s about contributing to the movement, even in small ways.”

Political social media campaigns aren’t new. Movements like Black Lives Matter, #MeToo, and the Arab Spring of 2011 have all garnered massive attention. Throughout the war, Israel’s supporters have also utilized social media to document Hamas’s violence and highlight the plight of hostages. When they gain enough traction, they capture millions of eyes.

The goal: influence decision-makers, be it presidents, prime ministers, or key influencers. Such engagements can have a monumental impact, according to Navarra.


Navarra points out that the slogan has been in circulation for a while.

Israel identified Rafah as Hamas’s last bastion months ago, promising to invade despite the civilian population seeking safety there. Ground troops entered last month, and though many civilians fled, Israel still conducts operations in the area. The slogan picked up steam after the fatal airstrike last week.

Instagram influencers and celebrities widely shared the image. High-profile shares heighten the probability of content going viral. This explains the explosive spread of ‘All Eyes on Rafah.’

Meta occasionally removes posts related to Israel and Gaza for guideline breaches. However, this AI-generated image avoids depicting explicit content, allowing it to flourish uncensored, Navarra explains. Its compelling aesthetic captures attention on social media feeds.

Globally recognized figures have posted the image, including Indian stars like Alia Bhatt, Priyanka Chopra Jonas, and Kareena Kapoor Khan, American supermodel Bella Hadid, ‘Bridgerton’ actress Nicola Coughlan, comedian Hasan Minhaj, and singer Dua Lipa.

Influencers also joined the trend, sharing the image extensively. Aaliya Ilyasi, with over 89,000 Instagram followers, has been vocal about the Israel-Hamas conflict from the start.

“I aim to highlight the Palestinian people’s struggle, stand in solidarity, and raise awareness,” says Ilyasi. “We must bear witness, and that role falls on us.”

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