America condemns Israel for neglecting civilian safety during Gaza crisis

President Biden has directed a thorough inquiry into Israel’s use of American weaponry and compliance with humanitarian law.

According to the State Department, the Biden administration believes that Israel may have breached international norms by failing to safeguard civilians in Gaza. However, they have not found concrete evidence to justify withholding military assistance.

In a detailed evaluation of Israel’s actions in Gaza, the State Department reported that Israel possesses the necessary knowledge, experience, and tools to minimize harm to civilians during military operations. Nonetheless, the high civilian casualty rates call into question the effectiveness of these tools.

The report, although sometimes contradictory, acknowledged the lack of solid proof of Israeli misconduct. Difficulties in collecting accurate information from Gaza, Hamas’s tendency to operate in civilian areas, and Israel’s unwillingness to share complete data have hindered the investigation.

Despite concerns about potential violations, the report deemed Israel’s assurances of complying with international laws credible and reliable. Therefore, the flow of U.S. military aid to Israel will continue.

The report also highlighted that the delays in military aid delivery to Israel and the review of other weapons shipments were not related to the findings. Israel has initiated criminal investigations into alleged wartime misconduct by its military.

Contrary to allegations, the report did not find deliberate obstruction of humanitarian aid into Gaza by Israel. Although Israel’s actions and inactions have slowed aid distribution, there is no evidence that they are impeding U.S. humanitarian assistance.

Critics argue that the report did not go far enough in holding Israel accountable for its actions in Gaza. Some Democrats in Congress worry that Israel has violated international laws and hindered U.S.-supplied aid.

The report emphasized the challenges of assessing Israel’s actions in Gaza. It cited Defense Department guidelines on mitigating civilian harm and noted that Israel faces a complex battlespace in Gaza.

While acknowledging Israel’s right to self-defense, the report also highlighted instances where Israel’s military operations resulted in civilian casualties and aid worker deaths. These incidents were a cause for concern, despite Israel’s efforts to rectify past mistakes.

The delay in the report’s release sparked criticism from some groups that accused the Biden administration of withholding crucial information. The report’s findings did not satisfy those calling for stricter measures against Israel.

The State Department’s report arrived late at Congress, raising suspicions of a deliberate attempt to downplay its significance. Despite denials, questions remain about the transparency and accountability of the U.S. government in assessing Israel’s actions.

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