Al-Shabaab wreaks havoc in Kenya, calls on governor

Al-Shabaab wreaks havoc in Kenya, governor calls for help

MANDERA, Kenya – The governor of Mandera, Ali Roba, has sounded the alarm over the resurgence of the Somali terrorist group al Shabaab.

Roba said on Friday he was forced to make public the deteriorating security situation in northeast Kenya and in particular in Mandera County because people are now living in fear after the return of the terrorist group Al Shabaab who occupied strategic locations in the county and the region.

He said the group was getting more and more daring and aggressive by the day.

According to Roba, a serious security crisis is unfolding in Mandera County, caused by undeterred movements of terrorist cells in the county.

He said the situation had developed over the past three months but had reached unprecedented levels now.

“Terrorists are forcibly picking up cattle from helpless pastoralists in the name of Zakat (offering). It requires a radical approach to deal with the trend, otherwise we will soon be under the regime of terrorism,” he said.

Roba said that currently, the terrorist group manages over 60% of Mandera with the public will suppressed by terror.

“They roam freely and the public has continued to report these movements (actionable intelligence), but unfortunately the situation has only kept getting worse,” he said.

He added: “The terrorists boldly videotape their actions and the purpose of the footage remains unclear what the intent is.”

The militia recently attacked an ambulance evacuating a pregnant woman to hospital, killed her husband and injured the driver and a nurse as the mother escaped into a nearby bush.

They later set fire to the county government ambulance.

in another incident, a vocal assistant leader against the group was kidnapped on December 18 and beheaded in the most cruel manner in Wajir County along the border with Mandera before his head was thrown into the bush.

A police station has been attacked and a new building razed by explosives and mobile telephone transmission stations are regularly attacked and masts have fallen, leaving residents cut off from communication.

Roba said the highways in Mandera are now controlled by the group that harasses travelers and targets officials on the roads.

“If our public does not stand up and attack Al Shabab with all they have to get rid of the terrorist group despite the risks, we are doomed to produce hundreds of thousands of young people every year without having access to education and join the lot of idling in our population, ”he said.

Roba added: “The resulting impact will be an increase in drug abuse, petty crimes like prostitution among other vices in society.”

The governor said the government has totally failed to protect northern Kenya from Al Shabab and therefore the public must fight for their dear life with everything they have without depending on or expecting from anyone.

“As it stands, the sad truth is that Al Shabab has taken control of over 50 percent of the landmass of northern Kenya. We have no choice but to free ourselves from the terrorist domination which is increasing day by day. Otherwise, we close the schools because there is no education without teachers, “he said.

The governor said there is an urgent need for a radical overhaul and overhaul of the security agenda with regard to the fight against terrorism because it is clearly failing miserably.

“Buildings mean nothing without teachers. I take this opportunity to plead with my fellow leaders in northern Kenya to prepare our audience for an uprising against Al Shabab. We had better lose thousands of lives fighting. terrorists but remain free in our country, “he said.

Roba said that while President Uhuru Kenyatta has given them all the support they need in terms of personnel, weapons and any support literally needed to fight terrorism, it is incumbent on security officials to use optimally and efficiently security resources, which is not the case. the case.

“Unfortunately, the security personnel could not even protect themselves, forget to protect the public. We cannot accept the continued generational failures of our people,” he said.

He added: “It is better to die than to accept that our sovereignty and our freedoms are threatened by terror. It is unacceptable that we have to stand up as the people of northern Kenya and its leaders against Al-Shabab with all we have, including our lives. We refuse to do it. be led in independent Kenya by the Al Shabab militia “.


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