Al-Shabaab Militants Slay Four Non-Residents in Garissa Attack

Al-Shabaab Attacks in Garissa Leave Four Dead

GARISSA, Kenya – In northern Kenya, Al-Shabaab militants struck for the first time in months, taking the lives of four construction workers in Garissa, according to police reports. Four others managed to escape unharmed.

The attack happened at a hospital construction site near the Dadaab refugee camp, police stated. The victims were non-local workers and seem to have been specifically targeted, officials noted.

Eight workers were relaxing on Friday when they were ambushed, resulting in four being gunned down at close range, a police insider whispered to The Associated Press, wishing to stay anonymous due to the sensitivity of the matter. The remaining four workers managed to flee without a scratch, the source confirmed.

Though the border has stayed leaky for a while, security incidents have greatly declined after Kenya sent more of its elite Special Forces and Rapid Deployment Unit to the northeastern region.

Authorities suspect that the militants are now zeroing in on non-locals, viewing them as easier targets. Yet in Somalia, Al-Shabaab doesn’t spare even fellow Muslims.

On Wednesday, police intercepted an improvised explosive device set to go off at the Mandera border. Recently, two herders were gunned down at a watering hole in the same area. Back in April, five people perished in a donkey cart explosion in Elwak town.

Kenya contributes soldiers to Somalia for peacekeeping, a move that has spurred Al-Shabaab into crossing the border for ‘payback’, accusing the Kenya Defence Forces (KDF) of targeting their operatives.


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