Al-Shabaab kills Djiboutian soldier in the future after raid

Al-Shabaab kills Djiboutian soldier one day after raid on Ethiopian camp

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MOGADISHU, Somalia – Al-Shabaab militants have once again claimed to have attacked Djiboutian army bases in Somalia, killing a peacekeeping mission soldier, in another attack targeting security forces in Somalia. nation in the Horn of Africa, which has struggled with instability for the past few years.

Reports indicate that the militants attacked AMISOM troops serving in Bula-Burde and Jalalaqsi in the Hiran region, which is under the command of Djiboutian troops, who have been part of the mission for a few years and who are stationed. in central Somalia.

The night attack, al-Shabaab claimed, also left a soldier seriously injured in addition to destroying several pieces of artillery equipment used by the defense forces. The reports have yet to be confirmed by the AMISOM team which is under the command of Lieutenant-General Diomède of Burundi.

Djiboutian troops serving in Somalia, like their colleagues in AMISOM, were often attacked by al-Shabaab who were fighting to overthrow the fragile Somali administration backed by the UN. Djibouti has nearly 3,000 soldiers serving in the country.

Activists also attacked the Ethiopian national defense forces last week. [ENDF] in the Gedo region, claiming to have killed two soldiers and injured nearly eight. However, the AMISOM team has yet to confirm the alleged incident, but it is rare for the military to reveal the numbers.

Likewise, the Somali National Army and those of the Kenya Defense Forces have often suffered immense attacks from Al-Shabaab militants. The group targets security forces, senior government officials and sometimes innocent civilians across East Africa.

Al-Shabaab still has a strong presence in central and southern Somalia, but operations run by the security forces have in the past freed several strategic towns from militants.

Although the group has been greatly degraded, it can still carry out sporadic attacks from small to large scale.



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