Al-Shabaab Installs Fresh Leader in Military Command

In Somalia, a new leader has been appointed by Al-Shabaab, the militant group controlling central and southern regions. The new army commander, possibly Guled Ilkacase, will oversee ground operations with uncertain strategies. This change may be due to internal disputes within the group. There is little information available about Guled Ilkacase, but he is respected within the group and is said to have spent time with Al-Shabaab fighters in Galgala, Northeastern State. Northeastern State, a relatively stable region, has limited Al-Shabaab presence due to ongoing crackdowns by elite forces. The US has identified Yasir Jiis, the previous commander, as a “global terrorist,” leading to his replacement. The Somali National Army, supported by US Africa Command and African Union Transition Mission in Somalia, has made significant progress in driving out militants. The government plans to reclaim all regions by December 2024, allowing for the withdrawal of the African Union Transition Mission in Somalia. The responsibility for security will then be in the hands of the Somali National Armed Forces and local police.

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