Al-Shabaab Faces Significant Defeat in Somalia

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MOGADISHU, Somalia – The Somali National Army (SNA) has confirmed the deaths of 47 Al-Shabaab militants and five Somali soldiers in a Saturday morning skirmish. The extremists ambushed SNA forces, but the military responded with significant force.

Although initial whispers suggested Al-Shabaab had overtaken an SNA outpost in El-Dheer, Galgaduud, the army dismissed these claims, asserting instead their forces eliminated 47 insurgents through a series of engagements.

The hunt continues for any surviving militants who escaped following their crushing defeat, according to the Ministry of Information. Among the fallen soldiers were two prominent military leaders: Colonel Yonis Hassan Sabriye and Colonel Abdulle, as confirmed by various sources.

Sabriye was the son of a notable legal advisor to Mogadishu’s late mayor, who perished in a 2019 suicide attack at Mogadishu HQ alongside Mayor Engineer Abdurahman Omar Osman.

The army neutralized nine militants at the outset of the clash, later taking down 18 more. With international allies stepping in, an airstrike decimated another 20 militants, topping off the encounter that saw the loss of five soldiers.

Al-Shabaab boasted of killing 59 soldiers, yet various sources recounted a harrowing offensive on Somali government forces and local allies Saturday. While the militants reportedly breached one of the camps, details remain foggy about the occupants’ fate.

Reinforcements from Masagaway, south of El-Dheer, launched a counter-attack on Al-Shabaab, confirming the government’s account. Ministry of Defense spokesman, Lieutenant Abukar Mohamed Hassan, highlighted the critical support these reinforcements provided.

Security analysts had anticipated Al-Shabaab’s interest in El-Dheer and Harardhere, key locations with forward operating bases. The recent attack did not come as a surprise.

Somalia recently intensified its operations against Al-Shabaab in the central and southern regions, killing thousands of militants. The extremist group continues its campaign to unseat the fragile UN-supported Somali federal government.


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