after a year interrupted by Covid-19, the student fair attracts many academics

In Madagascar, the student and employment fair attracts hundreds of high school students. Since Monday, November 24, in the garden by Lake Anosy, in the center of the capital Antananarivo, the bays are always full. Ten days ago, more than 77,000 young Malagasy people received their baccalaureate. After a school year that was greatly disrupted by the Covid-19 pandemic, many high school students are struggling to make a choice for their future.

as reported from Antananarivo, Laetitia Bezain

Difficult to get between the twenty locations for universities, colleges and private institutes. In the audience, Veronica, 17, has just received her scientific student book: “I visited many stands but I have not yet decided on it. It makes me very afraid of going the wrong way because I do not yet know what I want to do to support myself. The coronavirus epidemic has bothered me and stressed me a lot. I concentrated on passing my degree and did not think about what I would do next, but now I realize that I really need advice. ”

Uncertainty about employment

The uncertainty and anxiety of not finding a job after graduation is also what drove Ravaka, 18, into the corridors of this living room: “It scares me to see all the people who have lost. their employment due to the epidemic. I’m going to study and I do not know if it will get me a job. I’m afraid of wasting years. I know such people, they are licensed but unemployed. ”

During a celebration, about thirty young people participate in a conference on self-employment. A way to meet the challenge of hiring for the organizers. Symonette Fanjanarivo, Director General of the University Communication Center: “There are many young people who are underemployed or have a degree and who do not work in the sector in which they are to work. That is why we are here to help young people get the tools they need so that they can be more easily integrated into working life or that they can commit. ”

Cultivate entrepreneurship

“We try to cultivate the entrepreneurial spirit in them,” she says. In particular, we have started a start-up competition with the theme of environment to develop this spirit among young people. Participants in the competition can come up with innovative solutions to turn household waste into energy or suggest solutions for storage, such as rainwater. “

Participants will have several months to develop their projects and will be supported by a coach. According to the latest statistics from the International Labor Office (ILO), 20% of young Malagasy academics are unemployed


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