a video game tournament on cinema screens


Madagascar owns a video game tournament on the big screen for two days. From this Saturday 21 November until Sunday evening (17:00), this weekend’s video games will be held in the capital Antananarivo, on giant screens in one of the only cinemas in the country. A first.

It is a concept that attracts many confirmed players but also amateurs. On the Big Island, access to a personal game console is still rare for most households, associations and communities of players and e-sports are in full development.

Pictures of combat video games are rolling on the giant screen: Dragon Ball Z, Street Fighter or Tekken. A commentator and, at the controls, several dozen players who sit comfortably in the seats in this cinema room. Among the participants in this tournament, Christian Luc Rajaobarison, 26, a member of the semi-professional Madagascan team for e-sports Agon.

“Playing on a screen is like a dream. It is incredible because we are experiencing a great development in e-sports in Madagascar. What is still difficult here is to get people and those around us to understand that playing video games can be a job, that you can be a professional and that you can make money thanks to it ”.

A discipline with a future

A discipline that has potential on the Big Island and needs support, explains Masy Andriantsoa, ​​administrator of the 250-member Madagascar Fighting Games Association.

Video games in Madagascar are evolving. With our association we have done many international tournaments, for example in Egypt and in other African countries. We are fifth on Street Fighter in Africa. We really encourage companies to support and create teams to create an emulsion in the e-sports world because it has a future and it is still quite a virgin area at the moment. the console is still difficult in Madagascar and therefore we find especially games that are visited by young people and that allow them to get out of the street. You can release steam through video games on an emotional level. It is also and above all an intellectual sport ”.

A unique experience

Democratization of video games is also the call for this event. Holy Razafindramanana is the director of Cinépax, the cinema where the tournament takes place: “We talked to all communities of video game disciplines and there was also a request from our customers who came to the cinema. It is a unique experience to be able to play on the big screen ”.

In another room, it’s the famous Mario Kart license that captivates the youngest and temporary players like Kanto, 25, a music student. “I left home early this morning and I arrived at 8.00. I have been playing since I was little, but I have no console at home. Here the price is affordable. I came alone but I met some good friends here, this is the first time I playing on such a big screen. I’m really very happy. ”

The organizers are already planning a second edition of this giant screen tournament.


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