A single area that could potentially alter the security framework in Somalia

In the region of Mudug lies Galkacyo, divided politically between Puntland and Galmudug. It acts as a central hub connecting the northeast to the south of Somalia. Galkacyo serves as a major link between regions of Somalia. It forms borders with Nugal in Puntland, Dollo in Somali-Ethiopian state region, and Galgaduud in Galmudug. Galkacyo stands as a stronghold, central to the economic activities of Somalia. It witnessed numerous wars but emerged strong, fostering peace among various clans. Galkacyo is supported by both Puntland and Galmudug in counter-terrorism efforts against Alshabab. Despite occasional clashes, both regions maintain peace and stability. People from various parts of Somalia flock to Galkacyo for economic opportunities. Elections in Puntland saw diverse representation, showing progress in democratic practices. Galkacyo sets an example of peaceful coexistence for the rest of Somalia. With new leadership, Galkacyo looks towards a brighter future. Former President Farmajo played a crucial role in enhancing security and unity in Galkacyo. Mixed police forces help maintain peace and combat terrorism in the region. US-backed forces also supported security efforts in Galkacyo. However, challenges exist due to limited resources and capacity for security forces. Galkacyo boasts a unique deep-water container terminal, boosting its economic growth. The people of Galkacyo are dedicated to ensuring their city’s prosperity and peaceful coexistence.

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