a rap star tries to persuade teenagers to vote

Rap star Octopizzo is making an attempt to mobilize teenagers for the presidential election subsequent August. And there may be loads to do. Just below half of teenagers who’ve just lately reached voting age have registered to vote. The artist has simply completed a sequence of live shows aimed toward convincing teenagers who’re largely disillusioned with politics in regards to the advantages of going and voting.

as reported from Nairobi, Florence Morice

Not because the introduction of multi-party politics in Kenya in 1992 have so few potential new voters been registered. And this commentary worries the artist Octopizzo: “With each election, only the number of new registrants decreases. That’s a really bad signal. “

The artist recently gave a series of concerts, where young people as an entrance ticket had the opportunity to register on the election lists. The opportunity especially for the rapper to convey to his audience some key messages “Young people are frustrated because they feel that whether they vote or not nothing will change for them, they will always be unemployed. You can not just give up your right to vote. Things can change, but it starts with you. ”

The European Union helps and funds this marketing campaign. Delegation chief Henriette Geiger attended certainly one of the live shows in Mombassa final weekend. “All the young people we spoke to told us that they did not trust the current system. My message was to say; if you do not get involved, you will not have the power and you will not be able to change anything.”

Messages which are nonetheless struggling to achieve a Kenyan youth who’re largely disillusioned by their political class, after a long time of damaged guarantees, in opposition to a backdrop of corruption scandals and accusations of electoral fraud.

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