A navy court docket in Puntland has acquitted 14 males accused of ISIS and Al Shabaab membership

Garowe  – A navy court docket in Puntland on Thursday ordered the discharge of 14 males believed to be members of Shabaab and ISIS teams in Somalia.

The Attorney General of the Puntland Armed Forces Court, Major Mohamed Hussein Ahmed, stated the lads had been cleared of the crimes following his workplace’s investigation.

Ahmed added that among the males had been arrested on suspicion of being concerned in killings and explosions in Bosaso city, whereas others are believed to be linked to Islamist refugees.

“The investigation revealed that the men had no connection to the groups they were accused of being a part of, so we withdrew our case against them,” he continued.

Below are the names of the launched males:

Abdullahi Abdirahman Shirwac Lahore.Syed Omar Ali (33 years previous)Issa Ahmed Issa (60 years previous)Jama Yusuf Hussein (40 years previous)Mohamed Said Ubaid (30 years previous)Hussein Mohamed Osman (40 years previous)Nur Abdi Adan (25 years previous) years previous) Farhan Ismail DahirAbdullahi Ibrahim Adan Adan Maalim Ibrahim Abdi Yusuf HusseinYusuf Sanweyne AliMohamed Macalin Abdullahi

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