a balloting day with out principal incident in Kampala

About 18 million Ugandan voters were urged on Thursday, January 14 to elect their future president and deputies. Despite fears of overflow, the ballot took place peacefully in Kampala.

Kampala did not have to lament any major incident during this voting day. While many offices opened more than an hour late, voters went to the polls in peace. Most of the voters met early in the morning. Security forces were deployed near the offices, but in the cities, patrols were less visible than in recent days.

Opposition candidate Bobi Wine voted without incident in Magere north of the Ugandan capital amid a large crowd gathered to welcome him. Outgoing President Yoweri Museveni traveled to his home region in the western part of the country.

The Kampala offices closed shortly after noon. In some, such as The National Theater, a first count was made in front of the observers from the various parties. Some voters also stayed or returned to ensure the transparency of the number of votes. The votes were then sent to the National Center. The election commission has until Saturday at. 16.00 to announce the results.


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