Zoé Kabila ousted from her offices in Gombe

The Congolese government is continuing its operation to recover state real estate assets it says have been looted by former President Joseph Kabila from his offices, which he illegally occupied, according to the ministry, in the former European city of Gombe.

Accompanied by police officers, agents and managers of urban planning and housing continued to clear out of the offices for Zoe Kabila early Monday morning, August 22. An operation that took place calmly, assures witnesses at the scene. The former governor of Tananyika province had been illegally occupying the villa at number 2 Likasi Avenue, a government-owned building, for years.

According to the archives of the Ministry of Urban Planning and Housing, this house is part of the housing reserved for the military, information confirmed by a directory from 2013, then another from December 2018. But Zoé Kabila’s lawyers tried to have the eviction canceled by their client by showing documents which prove to them that the latter has legally acquired this property. False evidence, claims a source from the property management department. According to other witnesses, other villas are illegally attributed to Zoé Kabila in Lubumbashi, Kolwezi and Kalemie.

Since the start of the operation a few months ago, around thirty villas occupied by leaders and former ministers have already been found in the capital. There would still be some in other cities in the country.

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