“we are not the ones delaying the negotiations”

In Chad, the fifty Chadian political-military movements that have been negotiating with the transitional forces in Doha, Qatar for two months now, are responding to the accusations from ex-rebel Baba Laddé.

Baba Laddé, now a senior official in the Chadian Ministry of Security, believes that the political-military is solely responsible for the postponement of the inclusive national dialogue and the extension of the transition which, according to him, will follow. He explained it at RFI on Friday morning.

The politico-military, in turn, condemned in a statement issued yesterday Friday in Doha, an attempt by the military junta in power to throw away. The President of the FPRN and the Roma Group, Colonel Adoum Yacoub, was joined by Esdras Ndikumanafrom the Africa editorial office.

“The government and the military committee are looking for excuses to extend the transition period that they have always dreamed of … as for this gentleman (Baba Laddé editor’s note) who wants us to be responsible for this extension, we understand, he is in his role as agent for the government, for the junta but we are (not) responsible for any extension of the transition period, nor are we responsible for the delays in Doha … “

We have still not received a satisfactory response from the government that would allow us to enter into the inclusive national dialogue, concludes Colonel Adoum Yacoub.

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