Victoire Sidémèho Tomegah-Dogbé, 1st female Prime Minister since independence

Seven months after the presidential election on 22 February, Faure Gnassingbé, elected for a fourth term in five years, appointed a woman, Victoire Sidémèho Tomegah-Dogbé, as Prime Minister. A first since independence.

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as reported from Lomé, Peter Sassou Dogbé

Born in December 1959, Victoire Sidémèho Tomegah, wife of Dogbé, is from Badougbé on the shores of Lake Togo in the prefecture of Vo, the phosphate mining area. She began her professional career in the private sector after a master’s degree in economics and management, an opportunity for business administration at the University of Benin, the current University of Lomé; before joining the UN Development Program in 1998.

She entered the government for the first time in September 2008, when she was not known politically, as the delegate of ministers to the Prime Minister with responsibility for the development of grassroots root.

Field woman

She quickly became prominent: in May 2009, Victoire Sidémèho Tomegah was appointed Chief of Staff to the President of the Republic, a position she had accumulated with the Minister of Grassroots Development, Crafts, Youth and Youth Employment until his appointment as Prime Minister.

Since Monday, September 28, Victoire Sidémèho Tomégah is the first woman in Togo’s history to hold this position; its main mission during this period of Covid-19 will be to restructure the national development plan, the main project for 4th period by Faure Gnassingbé

Victoire Sidémèho Tomégah is the mother of three grown daughters. A woman in the field, she enjoys reading, singing, dancing and playing guitar and her free time.


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