urge respect for François Beyas, ex

In Lubumbashi, in the Democratic Republic of Congo, the Free Francois Beya collective condemns the violation of the rights of François Beya, former adviser to the head of state, Félix Tshisekedi, regarding security.

In a memorandum submitted on Friday, March 11, at the office of the National Commission on Human Rights in Lubumbashi, the women, members of the collective, demand that François Beya be brought to justice if there are serious signs of guilt against him, or that he is simply released, if nothing is proven.

They also recall that, at the beginning of his term, Prime Minister Felix Tshisekedi had requested that the cells be removed from the National Intelligence Agency (ANR), where François Beya has been imprisoned for more than a month.

“If he is accused of criminal acts, let him be brought before his natural judge.” “We believe that, firstly, according to the will of the head of state who had announced that it was first necessary to put an end to the dungeons of the ANR – the head of state who is advocating the rule of law – the rule of law presupposes that every accused person must be judged by his natural judge. today we see that François Beya has been imprisoned for more than 32 days without being brought before his natural judge.All the mothers of our Free François Beya collective from Haut-Katanga wanted to do was come and submit their memo to Human Rights Commission, representing Katanga, so that François Beya’s rights are respected. Mikael Amiyu, chairman of the Free François Beya collective.

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