update on preparations for the 2023 election

In the Democratic Republic of the Congo, preparations are underway for the elections scheduled for 2023. Make room for the procurement of electoral materials: ballot papers and ballot papers. This step is crucial for the Election Commission (Céni) in connection with the constitution of the revised file to be used as a basis for the preparation of the lists and possibly for the distribution of seats for parliamentary elections.

as reported from Kinshasa, Patient Ligodi

An international call for tenders has been launched. Six companies have been selected in advance and are competing to win this important contract in a country where the electoral population is estimated at around 50 million voters. The reputation of the Independent National Electoral Commission (Cénis) is at stake, as is the credibility of the process in the light of allegations of alleged embezzlement in previous elections.

Denis Kadima, Chairman of the Election Commission, is aware of this and wants to fight fictitious voters, for example. The company that wins the contract must be particularly effective in this area: “Given the difficulties we have had in the past, there are people whose hands are so damaged that the imprints can disappear. And the iris in the eyes will complete the authentication of people. “

Registration planned for the autumn In two weeks, the name of the selected company must be revealed. The registration of votes is scheduled for October. In the meantime, money is also needed for the next step. “We have contacted the international community through the UN, so far nothing has happened. I think we will fall back more on the government. There it is at least their direct responsibility, but that is changing. I am convinced that when the process takes speed, we will already have the money we need, ”adds Denis Kadima.

For this year 2022, the election process needs $ 624 million. The payment is made monthly and so far Ceni has only received the corresponding three monthly installments, ie the funds for February, March and April.

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