UN Safety Council condemns

Reaction in New York after the first rebel attack on the outskirts of Bangui in the Central African Republic, which left a death among peacekeepers. It is a unanimous condemnation of the United Nations, which was heard both from Secretary-General Antonio Guterres and from the entire Security Council.

as reported from New York, Carrie Nooten

In a statement, the Secretary-General and members of the Security Council criticized those who violated the peace agreement, as well as the violence exercised by armed groups to undermine the electoral process. They called on the rebels to fulfill their obligations by ceasing hostilities. They also lamented the death of the Rwandan peacekeeper in this attack at dawn, where Central African Army, Minusca and Russian paramilitary forces fought to block the rebellion.

New York diplomats say they are far-sighted and believe former President François Bozizé is behind these offensives to prevent the re-election of outgoing President Touadéra. The Council took note of its announced victory and said it was awaiting the proclamation of the outcome of the Central African Constitutional Court.

In addition, the Minusca forces have strengthened the protection around access to the capital, while the curfew has been promoted by two hours. The Security Council will meet again next week at the request of the Central African Republic to demand the lifting of the arms embargo.


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