UN High Commissioner Filippo Grandi at the meeting

UN High Commissioner for Refugees Filippo Grandi visits Chad. On Thursday, July 14, he visited the Kalambari camp, located about 30 km from Ndjamena, the capital of Chad. It receives 7,600 refugees from Cameroon who fled the municipal violence that occurred between August and December 2021 in several Cameroonian villages bordering Chad. Opportunity also for UNHCR to alert about the situation of refugees in the Sahel.

as reported from Ndjamena,Aurélie Bazzara-Kibangula

The UN High Commissioner for Refugees traveled to Kalambari with an armed escort. A demonstration was organized in the camp to demand more food rations for the nearly 8,000 Cameroonian refugees living there.

Despite the tensions, Filippo Grandi spoke to refugee representatives: “I have just spoken to a group of women who have really suffered a lot from the violence perpetrated during this conflict. I think tensions are starting to drop but people are still fearing the possibility of further violence. Many of them want to go back but they are waiting for the situation to calm down and for the calm to return. ”

Chad receives 570,000 refugees. Filippo Grandi says he is concerned about the increase in the number of refugees and displaced persons in the Sahel countries. populations. The UNHCR representative launches an appeal: “We are beginning to see people moving towards the coastal states of West Africa because there is a saturation of movements in the Sahel. I hope that despite Ukraine, despite all the other crises occupying the international community, there will be a continued interest in finding solutions in the Sahel. In my opinion, that is a priority. “

The Sahel region has more than three million displaced people and refugees, according to the UN.

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