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President Touadéra was declared re-elected on Monday, January 4, in the first round of the national authority responsible for the election with 53.92% of the votes cast, before opponent Anicet Georges Dologuélé credited 21.01% of the votes and Martin Ziguélé with 7, 46%. But the opposition has already announced it will seize the Constitutional Court. She condemned the lack of “transparency” and “justice” in these elections, of which half of the Central African electorate was deprived due to a new rebel offensive underway in the country.

With our special correspondent in Bangui, Florence morice

The official turnout announced on Monday night was 76.31%, but in the calculation, the authority responsible for the election, ANE, only took into account the voters registered in the polling stations where the vote was held. could stand: 910,000 out of a total of 1.8 million registered, or approx. half of the country’s voters. Elsewhere, either “the ballot paper could not take place or the ballot papers were destroyed”, explains Théophile Momokoama, the main report for ANE.

“It is not our action, but because of those who did not want the election to take place,” the campaign manager of the outgoing president responded on Monday night, specifying: “The election was held, the people have some. so decided. We would like more. I am convinced that if we had left the field open to the people to be able to express themselves freely, the result would be better than what we achieved. “

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The opposition announces a referral to the Constitutional Court

But the opposition has already announced that it will seize the Constitutional Court, especially on this point. Monday morning, in a letter to ANE, 9 opposition candidates condemned the lack of “justice” in these elections, but also “transparency” during the counting and preparation of results, “jam” ballot papers “, “Massive” use of voting by exception, or the difficulty for their representatives in obtaining a copy of the result sheets for the evening vote.

“The Central African Electoral Code stipulates that the results at the end of the voting are displayed in the polling stations so that everyone can access them, and we give the candidate representatives a report,” points out candidate Martin Ziguélé, who received 7.46% of the vote, it allowed the candidate to be sure of what happened. We had no minutes. This is a whole new situation! How can you challenge, approve or comment on something you really know nothing about? The numbers came from ANE’s polling stations, and we were told: “here are the results, that’s all”. It is not transparent at all. It’s perdition. We can not accept that. “

Secondly, in this election with 21.01% of the vote, former Prime Minister Anicet Georges Dologuélé also disputes the results and intends to appeal. He condemns a “real farce”: “There are a number of serious discrepancies in the fact that the calculation exceeds 100% of the votes. And then we announce a participation rate of 76.31%, while the real participation rate is 37.40%. So you see our friends [de l’ANE] They really did not have their minds, so so much pressure was put on them to find a number, so Touadéra was re-elected in the first round. “

The Central African Electoral Code does not provide a minimum threshold for voters to validate an election. On the other hand, it provides that the Constitutional Court has the power to “correct the provisional findings” of the vote, “if the effect of the irregularities observed can be determined”.

The opposition has three days from the announcement of the preliminary results to refer the case to the Constitutional Court, which has until 19 January to examine them and announce the final results.


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